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Netherland Inn Museum In Kingsport is a place where Kingsport history is displayed and preserved. Its hours of operation are seasonal as they open on summer months from May to December, but some parts of the museum remain opened throughout the year such as Netherland Inn building which was opened in 1883 and still remains standing up today.

The inn originally known as "Kingsport Hotel" and later renamed to Netherland Inn was built by John Carr, who ran it for 25 years starting in 1883. The hotel was bought by Samuel J. Luria in 1916 and he soon turned it into a family inn named after his wife "Netherland Inn". Netherland Inn was both a bed-and-breakfast facility with 24 rooms available for guests, and also included restaurant. As Luria family ran the inn, it was a social center for Kingsport residents and visitors alike. The Netherland Inn remained in business for over a half a century before it closed its doors in 1968 because of fire damages that did not allow to be repaired afterwards.

In 1978 the site was acquired by Sullivan County Historical Society from Luria family with help from local supporters. It took 4 years to restore the building and get museum ready, which opened its doors again in 1982 as Netherland Inn Museum In Kingsport.


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