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Exchange Place In Kingsport is a park in the city of Kingsport. It is open to public from year around, all day long. There are several attractions for visitors of all ages.

In the center of the park stands an old cannon and two tall flag poles with confederate flags waving in the wind. A plaque under one flag reads: "Two Flags Over Watauga" . The northernmost flag was raised over Fort Watauga in 1776 when it flew side-by-side with a British Union Flag in recognition of King George III's peace proclamation that prohibited further colonist immigration into North America. This flag was lowered when British General Griffith Rutherford occupied what is now known as Elizabethton during September 1780 leading his raiders against the Patriot stronghold along the Watauga River in the State of Franklin.

The southern flag is a modern Confederate battle flag that was raised over Kingsport on 10 January 1961 in protest of integration policies of public schools by US President Dwight D. Eisenhower. This flag remained until 30 May 2001 when it was removed during renovations to the three confederate monuments on State Route 36 that are located along the state line between North Carolina and Tennessee.

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